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Originally Posted by ADW View Post
Don't bother unless you're never going to get near dirt or mud or water with one. I crapped out my 3rd one (1st was my initial purchase, lasted about 2 months, 2nd was warranty replacement for #1) about a month ago. Never again. Unless you keep them perfectly dry, clean, and safe, they go belly up within a couple months of getting them.

And yes, I have it wired properly, direct to the battery, correct gauge wiring, etc. etc. etc.

Stebels suck huge ass; they're great for the first 6 beeps, then go downhill from there until they piss you off and die with a whimper.

did you filter the intake like it says to? shoot some penetrant/lube up there every once in a while? install it with a fuse & relay thingy? mine lasted 2 years on the klr, rain & dirt roads & everything.

a stebel is mandatory equipment for me; if they crapped out every month i'd still keep running them. $35 is a small price to pay for sweeping people back out of your lane...
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