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Originally Posted by ivantheterrible View Post
I leave my house pretty early in the morning to get to work. I have a somewhat flexible schedule and I'm a morning person.

I work at Duke U and it's really quiet and slow in the summer anyway, but this morning on my way in I didn't see a single car on my favorite stretch of road through Duke forest, so I pushed it a little. There are some fun little curves on this road, nothing great or worth bragging about, but fun. It was really neat having the road to myself. . Dappled sunlight shone through the trees and on the road. There was a light cool early morning mist.

When I got to work, I parked my bike and came inside and exchanged pleasantries with the security guard, who's also a rider. Then I had a hot cup of coffee and wrote an email to my wife about my wonderful ride in.

...So nothing good or fun happened?
You need to write about battling with other cars, have you not read a single post in this thread!?
I actually wish my commute was like yours. Mine is one of those 15 mph on the highway kind of deals, because of the time that I need to leave.

Traffic around here is quite well-behaved too, so I have very few interesting commuting stories to tell.
The last "event" was when I was still riding my Honda ST1100

which by that time had a 4"x10" decal on both side panels:

The two South-bound lanes were doing their usual 15-20 mph and the passenger in the pickup to the left of me did a double-take, said something to the driver and yelled at me
"Hey, is that a Harley?"
me: "Yeah, it's a prototype for next year's model. I am test riding it."
Passenger dude speaks to the driver again and both nod knowingly and interestedly.
Passenger dude turned to tell me to say "Really? ...Cool." and stare at my bike again with a confused look as I was laughing out loud in my helmet.
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