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Ok so here's mine. Going to work in morning rush hour traffic, 4 lane divided interstate, Im in the left lane going 40-50 mph (fast as traffic allows), older bubba truck gets on the Fwy from my right, only he doesn't stop at the right lane and he keeps coming over into my lane, obviously he doesn't see me, so I hit my horn, as I am simultaneously rolling on the throttle, and moving to the left shoulder, he realizes I am there, and jerks it back into his lane. So after I go by, he gets over into the left lane behind me, and starts tailgating me, (I think he is pissed because I blew my horn and startled him) so I tap my rear brake to try to get him to back off, he moves up closer, I tap it again, then he turns on his brights, and is now what seems like three feet off my rear tire, we are probably doing 30-40 mph now as traffic is slowing, up ahead traffic is stopped, I shot right up the middle without hitting my brakes until I was 3 or 4 cars up. I heard screeching tires, looked in my mirrors to see Bubba 90 degrees to the car in front of him, lifted up my face shield as the smoke drifted by, ahhhh love the smell of fresh rubber in the morning.
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