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It was a lovely day as I headed home from the salt mine along with 3/4 of the population. Friday afternoons are like that. Traffic was heavy but flowing well along 4 lanes. The sun was shining and the birds were singing and I was in a tralalalala mood just mooching along at the speed limit. Then ... splosh .... some liquid hits the ground just in front of me after issuing out the passenger window of the trayback ute in front ...

WTF and I prepared to evade the container that would be sailing out the window next.... Hmmm no container ... thinks 'nobnut' and went back to tralalala mode.

Splosh ...splosh .... out the window of the ute ... splosh .....

OMFG .... thats vomit

did it get me ... oh yuk, oh kak ... oh eeeeeuw

The benefits of a decent following gap are now clear to me
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