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Today I had one that got me worked up for a little while..which hasn't happened in a long time.

Coming down a two lane road in a residential/somewhat commercial area and some asswipe in a white SUV decides that he needs to turn left and go through me to get onto his road. I lay on my horn, and he stops, though I never slowed down (slowing down would have guaranteed hitting him, maintaining speed or speeding up would have squeezed me by).

So I'm already a bit stirred up, amazed at how you can have such a huge field of vision, but be so stupid to not see something as easy to see as a motorcycle. Then at the next damn intersection/light, not even ten seconds had passed, and some WHALE of a woman in a tiny little sports car came skidding in the right turn lane, and just barely stopped before turning in front of me. Now I was a bit pissed, as I had to use my horn twice in the time frame of a minute -.-.

So coming up to the light after that, I turn into the left turning lane, and see the Whale cut out of the line of traffic and come up behind me at breakneck speed...just to do the classic "stop really fast an inch from someone's rear" that most Florida drivers practice. So I tried a "trick" that I've read on these forums....I started backing up. Not enough to touch her car, but enough to tell her "back off, fatass."

Light turns green, I took off, and get in line for the next light (these lights are spaced way too closely -.-). I see her come around slowly, and I position myself to split lanes just in case. She of course speeds up when she gets on the straight road...that leads to the LINE OF STOPPED CARS AT THE RED LIGHT. And then performs her "stop an inch from the rear" trick again. I was furious. I figured at this point, either she just didn't get it, or she was SO fat that her car was unable to stop her fat carcass in a decent amount of time.

This time I backed up enough to rest on her bumper, looked back and did a "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! CHOKING ON A BIG MAC OR SOMETHING?!" gesture. So of course after the light turns green, she's tailgating me. This is one of the worst roads in existence that I'm on....everybody will line up bumper to bumper in the left lane doing five under, and the right lane will contain either people trying to pass the idiots in the left at breakneck speeds, or the people doing about fifteen under.

I wanted to get away from who was obviously a danger to me, so I got in behind a "breakneck passer" who then turned into a "15 under cruiser" ended up getting back into the left lane....tried passing again, but AGAIN stuck behind a "15 under cruiser" and then thought "forget this" and split (there was plenty of space...and no, I don't have that bad perception of my own speed, I was glancing at my speedo the whole time. The left lane truly was going five under at most). I had to turn right anyhow at the light that was approaching, so it worked out.

Saw Shamu in my mirrors, but was able to make it through a yellow thus ending the madness of just another Florida driver.

After this whole ordeal I felt mad for the first time in a while after a ride. It took me a bit to calm down, but ugh...the ignorance of some people really gets on my nerves. I understand that I was being a nuisance when I had to speed+split to get away from Shamu, but I honestly did not feel safe around her for both of our if I would have had her next to me at a light, it would have been really hard to resist the urge to give her a nice dent in her door. She was an obvious danger after witnessing her stop late, and after the incessant tailgating. Some people just don't get it.

Yeah I could've pulled over and let her pass, keyboard warriors. But I didn't want one overweight ignoramus make me late for class.

Lessons learned: Hurry up and install my damn stebel. Filtering is good. Even though it's illegal, just use it to get away from the morons and the unsafe. Oh, and don't get worked up so much anymore. I should be used to this by now >,>. My anger didn't do much to help the situation. It's just been a while that I've had one *this* bad.
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