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BYOB Marlinton

ok, some people may call it stupid, but I am planning to ride up to the BYOB for one night only

Started to prepare a few days ago (had to mount it twice since I the valve blew after the first mount ):

The front tire is bad too, but what the heck, since it's only asphalt it will do for one more trip....

So, the plan was to meet up with a friend Saturday morning and "tag along", well this it probably not going to happen , so I am going alone.

The route I picked:

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279 miles, 6 1/2 hours according to google.... sounds doable, and my butt hurts just thinking about it.

I am great in making plans, and I am even better in not sticking to my own plans . So today I am going hiking, and tomorrow......we will see (I'm packing the tent)
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