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Ok. here's one of my most recent...

I live on the extreme west side. We have places that are uncrowded, then go to city just like that.

I pull up to a light where it is marked left turn, but straight ahead is a lane. Sprawl is just so fast, and the DOT so slow they haven't marked it with a straight AND left turn arrow yet... or I'll ASSume...

So, knowing full well where I am, I pull up to a red light behind one cager, and two Harley's are sitting there rumbling and shooting the shit with each other...
Wives/ol' ladies/bitches on pylon, not a stitch of gear between the 4.

They were at a stop since the light came into view and could have proceeded several times... IF they bothered to care or read the laws that pertain to them.

So, not wanting to possibly be crushed by a careless cager coming from behind, I split and pull up to the light to wait till I can go... And subsequently piss off a few oblivious-to-law, "bikers".

So I pull up beside, and biker A immediately looks over at me and back to biker B and with a pft! says what is this shit?

Looks at me and starts telling me how smart that move was and it was illegal and makes bikers look bad...

Me, WTF and I just look straight... Thinking the logic of explaining the physics of a 250 dirtbike sandwiched between two cars might be too much to explain.

Biker A revs the piss out of his bike about 3 times and I think great, there goes a gallon of gas right there, but at least someone got something out of the deal (the chick on pylon)

So eventually light turns, all I hear is blah blah blah from the Harly's exhaust as we both race off, and he never pulls beside me...

I hold up my hand a gesture; Two, five and a zero as he backs off.
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