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Originally Posted by roswellj View Post
On the way home from work last week. I pull onto the freeway that I ride every day. It has a limit of 110(kmph) so I'm travelling at right on the speed limit. Come up behind a black audi doing about 10 under so I move to overtake. As I'm passing he speeds up. I'm ending up sitting on 120 and he is not letting me pass so I slow back down and pull back in behind him. He then slows back down to about 10 under the limit. So I think stuff this and decide to nail him quickly, pull out and try to pass him and get in front. Look in my mirrors and he is coming up behind me really quick and starts overtaking me back.
At this point I decide im going to try to ruin his day. Coming up in about 2km is a crest of a hill where just over the crest nearly every friday evening is a cop with a speed gun. I start getting the speed up, getting him up to about 135 then just before the crest of the hill I slow right down to the speed limit.
He goes over the crest going between 130-140 i reckon and as I follow him over I see the welcome sight of those blue and red flashing lights. I slow right down as I pass him pulled over on the side of the road and give him a nice friendly wave before taking off up the freeway on my own again.
Nice! Justice was served!
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