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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
ok, another...

I have a short commute but traffic bunches up in a few places, oddy just before a traffic light that prolly changed so one car could proceed... Well after about a million times of passing an empty parking lot that runs ajacent to part of this section, one day it dawned on me and I whipped in the private property and ran up to the next light where I made a legal right-on-red...
You might want to double check your specific traffic codes. In many places, cutting across private property to avoid a traffic control device can result in a ticket for failing to obey a traffic control device = points and fine.

This observation comes from personal experience - I had a route where I was traveling West and needed to transition to a Southbound road. To access this road required a right turn North, then a left turn-around lane to go South. I took to proceeding West through the traffic light, then made a left turn into a parking lot, circling around the building that the parking lot serviced and making a right turn onto the southbound lane. Great plan until I, (along with several others) was ticketed for failing to obey a traffic control device - even though I had actually obeyed and ridden legally through the traffic light I was accused of disobeying.

The judge didn't want to listen to why I used private property in my travel route or that the traffic device I was accused of disobeying was actually in my rear-view mirrors after proceeding through it while the light was green, and offered to find me guilty of the original charge - 3 points and $125.00 fine, or allow me to plead guilty to 'obstructing traffic' for a no-points but $125.00 fine.

I tried to argue (with pictures) that since the parking lot in question had United States Post Office boxes situated within it, the lot by default was open to the public but it was pointed out to me (indirectly) that as a dumb-ass auto mechanic I had no training or business in trying to make any legal issues out of the situation.

A few months later the entrance to the parking lot was posted to indicate 'No Left Turn' by those traveling West-bound.

Just be careful.
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