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UClear 2 week review

I have been trying to commute on the wee more to save gas. The only problem is that since I am a painting contractor, I get and make a lot of calls all day. Constantly pulling over to see who called or make a call was a pain, dangerous and unproductive.

I was in the middle of researching a solution when I ran into a distributor rep at a big bike shop. Somehow I mentioned my problem and he pulled out his demo helmet. I researched some more and found no better alternative, went back to the dealership and purchased a UClear.

Installation, pairing and operating is easy and straight forward. After many calls, I will say that the unit is fantastic. Not perfect, but a good solution for communication with the outside world while on a bike.

No, sound is not as good as good earbuds, but fully adequate for music and voice. With my Droid2, I listen to a lot of sports streaming on the internet. Music occasionally. Navigation a lot. I can hear the speakers loud and clear over traffic, wind noise and my bike.

Phone calls are excellent. No one has given any sign of not hearing my side of the conversation and I can hear them loud and clear.

As far as the "sounds like you are in a can" issue. My buddy jim has keen ears. Everytime I get a different phone or bluetooth, I call him first. He tells me what he hears and tells me how my latest gizmo compares to the last and to his listening expectations. My first call with him went something like this.

Me: Hey Jim, sound check time....

Jim: Speak!

I spoke. Then asked if he could hear anything in the background.

Jim: No, but you sound a little like you are in a can.

Me: But, can you hear me ok?

Jim: Oh yeah!

I then raised my shield, going through gears and traffic.

Me: Ok how do I sound now? Am I still in a can?

Jim: That's much better! You sound great!

Me: Jim, I am on the bike. Can you hear it, wind noise or traffic?

Jim: No way!

I beeped the horn and he could barely hear it.

UClear passed the Jim test. Good enough for me! I will raise the shield, which I do most of the time anyway, when on a call. Can sound defeated.

Suggestions for future models:
1. Additional charging port to charge while in use. I havent run the battery down yet. When I do, it will suck. Or a replaceable battery so extras can be used like with my phone.

2. Yes, it needs to have an input for a wire input. I use an Ipod shuffle. No bluetooth.

3. Yes, It needs an output for earbuds. The speakers work fine, but the option to supplement with earbuds would be good.

That's all I can think of for now.

Summary: The Uclear has solved my bike/phone issues. I will be looking out for new developments in the future.

I highly recommend it!
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