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Originally Posted by BC61 View Post
will the routes be available by the end of summer for training rides? Will you be out riding then?
Just keep in touch with Charlie, and we'll see what might be ready by then.

Originally Posted by BC61 View Post
Rob is this anywhere near Coral Pinks Sand Dunes?
No that's not Coral Pink. I originally had Coral Pink included in one stage, but that stage ended up being too many miles, so that distant point got dropped.

Here are a couple more dunes shots from prerun 3.

Originally Posted by rufus View Post
There is a whole shitload of us out here who are past our "training" stage in life. BUT still young enough to want a good long tough ride every once in a while. We don't want to have to study a road book. We like detailed maps and GPS tracks. We have spare money to pay for these things. Quality is more important than price. We have spent tons of money on cruises and vacations to Hawaii, Disneyland etc. A few hundred for good maps and GPS tracks makes for a cheap vacation (comparatively).

Something to think about.
I hear you. But this is not about money. It's a huge looser in that respect, even if it were done the way you described. My focus is 100% on a rally roadbook navigated ride. I know that discourages a LOT of people. But my goal right now is not to serve the largest crowd, it's to serve the tiny rally crowd. Once it has served that purpose for a while, then I'll post the GPS tracks and let everyone have at it.

Is the roadbook (not roll chart) really THAT revolting? If you're looking for a challenging ride, navigation by roadbook beats the hell out of a green line on a GPS screen. You'll get yourself lost several times a day with the roadbook, and have to use your wits to get back on track. It's a whole added level of tough on top of the riding, making for a more adventurous ride, and greater satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment when you finish each day.
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