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Fun mit metal today! Stock, my bike had a remote choke lever, which is actually on the motor, just behind the rider's left knee. It pulls a coupla cables which terminate at a pinch bolt on each carburetor, like this one:

Now a pinch bolt is something quite familiar to me from my past life as a bicycle mechanic. As the cables needed replacement anyway, I wondered about how I might make the choke controls special or distinctive. I remember one guy on the old Boxerworks forum, probably Chuey, had made some out of old bicycle spokes. I have plenty of those! Here's 32 of them, only 20,000 miles:

Now the first battle is to make a handle, one that I can operate mit moto gloves on:

Then, to make it lollipop shaped:

Now it was time to make the loop solid. I tried some of the limited hot metal methods available to me, and none of them would take:

So I ended up getting some 1/8 SS .028 wall tube and making crimps out of it, reinforced with mucho JB Weld:

Drawing it down:

And all done:

And mounted, with moto glove test:

Now the more observant of you might notice that the carb in these pictures is somewhat crusty. You might be asking yourself, "How could melville stand to have such crustiness in his life?" Well, I'll tell you--it disturbs me very much, but the first thing I did on this bike was rebuild the carbs from a box of loose parts, before I started the bling-a-thon. Looking at them now, I could spend the whole summer getting them up to my standard, or

I could just bling the tops and bowls for now, and come back for the bodies the next time I rebuild them. Here's the quickie result:

There's a lot of casting flash, and the deeper question of whether or not "BING" stays on the tops after the polish goes final. But that's for another day.
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