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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post

Is the roadbook (not roll chart) really THAT revolting?

NO..It's all about TIME. Navigation eats up time. I have used roll charts (never a road book) and GPS. GPS is faster and lets you focus on the RIDE. Most of us have to take time away from work and family to do these kind of rides. Less time spent on navigation means more time riding.

I/we used GPS on the western TAT. If you are looking at the scenery and blow a corner it is no big deal with a GPS. No resetting an odo or rolling back paper, or trying to figure out where you are, just look for the line and go to it.
I understand people looking for a challenge, lots of people like timekeeper enduros, but lots more don't.
The 2 best things I had on the TAT were a 6.6 gallon acerbis tank and my 276c. Fill up in the morning and not worry about gas all day. Turn on the GPS and just go.

I think that it is fantastic that guys like you put out the time and effort to do what you are doing. Most of us don't have the time to do it. We really really appreciate it. And lots of us will be glad when what you are doing trickles down to us.

Thanks in advance and
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