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Originally Posted by rufus View Post
It's all about TIME. Navigation eats up time.
There are multiple ways to look at that.

If the roadbook says 6.3 miles to the next navigation point, then you don't have to look down again for a while. You just stay on the same road or trail you're on, ignoring all offshoots. In that same section, with a GPS track you will need to keep looking down after each intersection to see if you've missed a turn. So, depending on the situation, roadbook navigation can actually take less time. But it definately takes more thinking.

My routes are unlike most other rides. I take offshoot roads and trails a lot more often than others. And they are very often nearly invisible as you ride by. In fact, if it's a well hidden little used trail, then you can almost be assured that my route will take it! So you have to really be on your toes no matter how you navigate my routes. If your goal is to put in as many miles as possible, my stuff is not for you. On the other had, if your goal is to have an intense exprience, then that's what you'll get. The Grand Rally is about more mental and physical challenges per mile, not more miles per day.

For many, the navigation challenge is a major part of the experience. It's sort of like people who don't do off-roading asking why you don't just take the highway to get to your destination. Some see it as a hassle, others see it as the main attraction.

Originally Posted by Hayduke View Post
It's more of a puzzle, or a game.
Don't leak those secrets. They aren't supposed to figure that out until they are half way in, and have to find their way out!
New desert racing frontiers
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