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So..... Woke up at 4:30 am to the sound of pouring rain and contemplated rolling over and going back to sleep but this is MX and we go regardless. Woke up Jr. and we were in the car and gone by 5 heading up rt 84 in the rain.

Arrived at the track and because this is a sandy track it really didn't look to bad, it's not Southwick sand but seemed to drain real well and doesn't get that slick.
Signed up for two classes, +30 Vintage 1980's as well as the vintage 80's 125 GP which is run with all the 125's together.

Practice was going ok, I went out in the first vintage practice and just tried to get comfortable and remember the track, when they flagged us off I got right in back of one of my friends bikes and went right back out so was able to get a full 1/2 hr of riding time in and was statred to feel real comfortable and I felt very fast, Honda was running great and no problems so far. I headed in for some water and got set for the next practice session.

I headed out again and the track was really starting to shape up, the rain in the morning had soaked the track and the conditions were perfect, aside from some wet area's wich rutted up the traction was unbielevable! At this point I was doing all the jumps and feeling totally confident until my bike died as I came down the start straight and it sounded like I put the Jake brake on in my old Freightliner...FK!! Must have blown the head gasket again? I pushed the bike off the track and looked down at the motor and the spark plug was lying by the side of the head still connected to the wire, I checked everytrhing but the plug i guess and luckily it had vibrated out and not stripped the head. I screwed it back in in the pits and tighten it this time and was ready for the first moto.
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