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First moto of the day was +30 which ran with the+40 evo class which my friends ride in so we all lined up together in. I got a good start and was probably 4th or 5th and coming into the first corner my friend Barney and I tried for the same spot in the berm but he was to the inside of me so really had the line and he punted me over the berm, the berm was so high that I got stuck on it and had to get off my bike to lift it off and then get going in just about last. I put my head down and rode as fast as I could and past about 10 people until I saw Barney which gave me a second wind and was able to catch and pass him. I then saw one of the other guys a battle with and set out to catch him but ran out of time as it was the last lap and I finished ten bikes in back of him for third in my class.

Second Moto was the 125 GP and I got a great start, I was in second into the second corner but I went to far inside and got sucked into the mud and then into some small ponding areas so I lost 3-4 positions trying to get back on the track. My brother and I were the only one's on 1989 machines in this moto and although we were scored seperatly I finished 5th overall against the modern bikes but 1st in my class. There was 18 guys in the moto and I beat two of my friends in there modern 125's so was super pumped with my performance!
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