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Second + 30 moto and I got an unbielevable start, the only one in front of my was a guy on a KX 500 and he and I gapped the whole field, I just kept him in my sights until I saw him bobble in a corner at which point I was on him again but really couldn't catch him as that 500 just gobbled up the sand. But I got first in my class and second overall in the moto whic I think there was about 20 guys.

Second GP moto and I again got a great start and was running about 4th until one of the guys, Loyd I battle with caught me and passed my and the fight was on! we traded lines and were bar to bar for the next four laps, he went inside and I went outside, side by side down the straight aways and all the while we were trading paint I could see my friend Lawton gaining on us on his modern 125 so the pressure was on! Loyd beat me at the finish and Lawton was right behind me. Best race of the day! I finished 1st in my class and fifth overall for the moto.

4:30 in the afternoon and we were done, a cold silver can for medicinal purposes some bench racing load and go home. Whats better than that?
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