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Originally Posted by Spidi - on track View Post
Dear Antlerman,

Ergo Pro in XL will be good; you need to use the Telescopic Gaiter, being you quite taller compare to your waist.

Ergo Pro is the most advanced pant in our Touring collection; here's an enhanced picture of the Dinamic Air Vents on the legs, which gives fresh air in to the legs directly, when you take off both the removable membrane and the thermal lining

Thanks for your attention.

Matteo De Vito
Spidi Marketing Dept
Vicenza - Italy

Hey Matteo,

I'm interested in these pants, but would like just a little clarification on the liner system.

This may have been answered before, but is the outer layer of the pants waterproof or do you require the H2Out liner to ride in the rain?

Also, unlike the 365 Pro Jacket the pants have only been CE1 rated correct?

Thanks for the help!

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