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Originally Posted by King_Panther13 View Post
I used to have a lot of respect in cops. And I've told the following story a million times, but I'll tell it a million more.

It was some overweight middle aged man. As he noticed that I wasn't kidding around, he hopped in his Town and Country and drove off. I got his tag number and called the cops. They went to his house, came back and said "Oh, well he didn't know that you had a baby in your car. He also said that you were laughing at him, so he had a right to follow you. You should have pulled over sooner, he was just teaching you a lesson! You're lucky he didn't hurt you."

That's absurd statement by the police. Who was he to be teaching you anything? Personally I'd NEVER pull over for anyone who's been a problem or is looking to be one. One has no clue about what they're capable of much less liable to do. At the least find a well lit and populated place if there's no other choice and stop with an escape route in front of you and the engine running.
I've bypassed my destinations, work, home, store, whatever, a time or two when it looked like someone was following or was looking to create trouble. No need to stop for such people, sure as hell no reason to make it easy for them to find out where I work/live.
Do you talk to people you meet on the road?

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