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Originally Posted by Long Gone View Post

That's absurd statement by the police. Who was he to be teaching you anything? Personally I'd NEVER pull over for anyone who's been a problem or is looking to be one. One has no clue about what they're capable of much less liable to do. At the least find a well lit and populated place if there's no other choice and stop with an escape route in front of you and the engine running.
This was when I was a bit more naive, and a bit less paranoid. Besides, I was only half a block from my apartment, and there were neighbors outside. I didn't even realize what he was doing until pulling into my parking space, I looked into my mirror and saw him do a u-turn, plow through the grass, and then run his minivan right up behind my car. Which I also believe is entrapment, so another point against the fuckwitted cop.

My friend who was also in the car suggested for me to not go home right away but I was all "Nahh, no reason for him to be mad at me. All I was doing was driving slowly, he's the one that ran the damn red."

The cop's excuse was that "Oh, well he doesn't live far from here, he didn't really 'follow you home' he just stopped as he was on the way to his home."

See, now I always try to lose people who so much as seem to be following me when I'm close to home, especially since I'm a fairly fast rider, though I don't ride aggressively when there are other cars involved. I usually ride "assertively" though, which is enough to set off some of the local rednecks trying to compensate for their undersized penises.

Even if I'm in a cage I activate "escape mode" and it is on. I think only once since then I've truly had someone try to follow me home, but I always will do some creative things to lose people ever since that incident, especially if I have a family member in the car/back of the bike.

I know that it's a "car story" but it applies to my opinion on cops, and I think that it's interesting enough for a thread like this. I also
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