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Originally Posted by xcgates View Post
I've bypassed my destinations, work, home, store, whatever, a time or two when it looked like someone was following or was looking to create trouble. No need to stop for such people, sure as hell no reason to make it easy for them to find out where I work/live.
Yep... I've always been a little more aware of my surroundings than most other people seem to be... been followed a few times now.

Nothing's ever come of it, but yeah, on the bike it's pretty easy to do a U-turn on a side/neighborhood street. Usually do it where I can jump on the sidewalk and put a car between them and me when I pass them.

There's a dirt two-track between the fields that my office is in and the next street over, i've been known to go the other way when I pull into the parking lot at work and hop on that two-track, then swing around the neighborhood and come in the back way.

The safety training that I had to sit through at work a few years ago told us to be aware of surroundings, leave yourself an out... a lot of things you should do on a moto anyways... then things like doing a walk-around of your car before you unlock it, making sure locking doors are closed behind you to prevent tailgaters, and carrying some sort of self-defense spray.
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