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Originally Posted by SnowMule View Post
...The safety training that I had to sit through at work a few years ago told us to be aware of surroundings, leave yourself an out... a lot of things you should do on a moto anyways... then things like doing a walk-around of your car before you unlock it, making sure locking doors are closed behind you to prevent tailgaters, and carrying some sort of self-defense spray.
Our squadron truck automatically unlocks all the doors every time you put it in park, and locks then when you put it in drive, drives me absolutely crazy. Of course when I get in my car, I do things like you say, and if it is dark use a flashlight to look around/inside the thing. Of course that's also because I don't drive it very much, and need to make sure no tires went flat.

Also in the commuting department, if I'm on night escort (which is rare), I will drive far out of my way to go to the good side of town for fast food, instead of stopping on my conspicuous bike in a bad neighborhood, especially at night. If I find myself in sketchy areas, I'll check for traffic/cops, and proceed through red lights depending on the circumstances.

Heck, we just had a MSgt (I think) get shot at by some jokers in a former police interceptor just off base, after flashing their headlights trying to pull him over. And just a couple weeks before, a black and white got shot up at a red light in the wee hours of the morning. As in half a mag of some sort of Kalashnakov rippoff. Hence my reluctance to stop anywhere for too long. Which is really too bad.
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