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Well, since I leave Turkey today, I figure I should get started on posting some pics of while I was here. Between traveling & getting visas, I just havenít had much time.
I headed south to the Gallipoli peninsula, famous for the battles here during WW1.
I donít know much about that war, Iím more of a WW2 buff, so heres my chance to learn a bit.
(not that what I learned is 100% correct!)
The narrows called the Dardanelles are the passageway from the sea to Istanbul, and the british fleet wanted to get thru here, but they blocked it with mines & shooting from the shores. So, the Australian & New Zealand armies (as well as the British) decided to take the peninsula.
This didnít work out so well, & they were defeated. Was a helluva battle, and seems to have gone on for quite a long time. This is where Ataturk came into prominence as a leader, and worked his way up after this to be the head of the country, and is still revered as a hero today. I spent the night in Eceabat, its right on the shore. They had a nice memorial, and also a park, with a scaled down version of the area, showing where the battles were, how the minefields were placed, etc.

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