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Originally Posted by WOLVERINE View Post
I ran the E09's on the F8 before I sold it! Really love the rear but on the front they are dangerous. Squirrelly on the hwy above 120kph to the point it's scary and I wouldn't recommend it, period! Go with something else up there. On the rear they are noisy, IMHO but nothing you can't handle and they get louder as you wear them down. I put over 8000kms on a set and the rear was only half warn down so you'll get well over 12000kms out of a set and I was hard on them. Never found them bad in the wet but I didn't push it when it was wet. They are a knobby so treat them as such. I tried them on my GSA and had the same feeling of squirrelliness on the front of that bike too so it's the same overall result up front. They do hold up well offroad so I can't see going with the TKC over this one for double the cost. No brainer!
I liked them and have 3 sets hanging in my garage ready for replacement when the time comes...
you´re right
A lotta guys looking for a "one-does-it-all" - tyre...

How old is your stock ?

The whole E-Series has been revised completely in the end of 2010.They ( all ) have a higher proportion of SiO2 ...
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