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Negra Modelo is my new favorite. It's good dark beer, not too hoppy, and not too expensive. I'd almost rather stay sober than drink Budweiser. Almost

Anywho, finished that main bash guard with a little help from Detroit.

Yes, it's STEEL Yes, it's HEAVY! After I make the plate for the center stand it'll be just under 5 pounds but the weight is held as low as possible so I'm not too worried about it affecting handling. I guess I'll find out soon enough! For a comparison, MaxBMW lists the PD plate as 2.73 pounds. Mine's roughly 2 pounds heavier. After Jenna and I both crushed our headers, narrowly avoiding crushing our sumps, we decided to go with protection over lightness.

One 2'x2' 16 gauge plate was $35 and we got two bash guards out of it. Took me maybe an hour to make the 2nd one after I knew what I was doing. I scored lines along the back so I could bend the steel then I filled the line in with the welder. I also drilled large holes in the plate and welded washers on the back to recess the bolts.

That little corner I cut at the back is to make room for the springs. I painted it with some of the green paint I had left over from the bike.

I welded on those little tabs along with some bolts to mount my sports bra. You can see where it melted through since the stock mounts didn't provide enough space.

I decided to give it a trial by fire by riding across a stump in the yard and bottoming out. I got kinda stuck

It's not like hitting a rock at momentum but I did drop a 500 pound bike on the plate and it's none the worse for wear

I tried to get a bug's eye view but the pic came out fuzzy. I think the camera man got skittish Action photography is not as easy as Blaine makes it look

I like it. The 16 gauge is a little bit overkill. I'd like to weigh 18 or 20 gauge to see what the weight savings would be using those but I'm not worried about it enough. If I wanted to save weight offroad I could drop 30 pounds by removing my boxes. It'd take less than 3 minutes and I still don't bother to do it. I'm happy with the guard the way it is. Jenna certainly seems happy with hers!

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