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FYI...disassembly/assembly procedure... and update

Originally Posted by blaster11 View Post
Still haven't got mine installed. I have been unable to get the bushing out but I like your idea of tapping it and putting a bolt in it for easier removal. Since I figured I was going to destroy the original bushing I went ahead and ordered a new one, I think it was like $12 or $18 dollars. I may give it another try this week.

hi guys,,,just sold the last of the last/3rd run...if you want any more ,,i'll need at least 15 confirmed orders and will make another run of 25,,,now we have 91 HP-2 riders out there that have have a Super-Tuff stainless steel sidestand. Thanks for hanging in there,,,

Next,,i'm doing a complete R&R from oem aluminum to SS SuperTuff III w 45degree grease fitting.. AND the adjustable side-stand mod with a 'big-foot'' tossed into the's the pics/tutorial.....

tools ya need:

regular medium blade screwdriver for removing /prying the spring off:

hammer for tapping out the bushing
6mm allen for tightening the spring holder bolt
T-50 torx bit for pivot bolt
#3 Phillips for installing return spring
small pin punch/drift for knocking out bushing
loctite blue for new 8x1.25 spring anchor bolt/sidestand -switch actuator [actually that's what i need ,,that bolt will be installed/should be ready to use]
12mm x1.25 or 1mm starter tap
torque wrench
grease gun

So here's the old complete oem HP-2 aluminum side-stand assy with all new parts for Super-Tuff III,,,adjustable side-stand components and big foot

1,, remove springs and note their position FYI,,i take a before pic for reference purposes or make a drawing,,then remove the pivot bolt

2,, starting the tap into the old bushing,,,if the bushing starts to turn just put pressure on the side-stand and it'll keep bushing from spinning,,,you only need a few threads of purchase

2,,,taking drift and tapping the bushing out with hammer

3,,,here's the bushing and the little mushroomed ends and rust that cause all the removal problems.,,you need to dress them down so that the bushing slides freely through the Super-Tuff bracket.,,,or get a new one [ part # 46537684886 SPACER SLEEVE, INTERIOR....$10.24]

4,,,a drop of loctite blue on the 8mm bolt install and snug down till it bottoms out,,,6mm allen wrench is needed,,NOTE:we usually have all this done when we send it to you.

5,,,installing the 45 degree zerk fitting,,with 9mm wrench,,NOTE ,,position of zerk for proper clearance

6,,,the bits n pieces for the extension and larger foot,,main nut,special jam nut,,,notice the chunk removed,,we opted for a 2'' range 1'' plus minus for switching from 21-19-18-17'' wheel combos as well as light heavy loads.

7,,, the position where new big foot will be welded fro optimal clearance

8,,,fully compressed 14''

9,,,fully extended 16''

10,,,now pre-grease all the bushings pivot bolt and side-stand with any waterproof grease,,,,assemble by pushing the bushing through side-stand and into bracket,,,install pivot bolt and tighten to 30 ft/lbs or 41 Nm while moving the side-stand to n fro,,after wards use grease gun and squeeze more grease in til it oozes out on both sides,,,i always keep moving the side-stand to n fro during this process,,,it should be real smooth and way snugger than what ya started with

11,,,here's my trick for quick spring installation,,i position the notch on #3 Phillips head like this,,push down on spring while prying the screwdriver up to the point the spring drops down in place ,,CAUTION!!!,,,i always wear a glove or hold the spring with a rag or vise-grip to keep the spring from flying away in case ya miss,,once mastered this lil trick is a keeper
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