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Originally Posted by larry0071 View Post
I hate it when I get to work (45 min ride) and remove my non mesh pants on a 80-95 degree day and my work pants (cargo pants or BDU style pants) are soaked with sweat and stuck to me. I'm going to get a pair of Olympia Airglide 3 mesh pants for this. I ride a 08+ KLR and a 03 Strom, both with touring windscreens that allow relatively calm air around the torso/head. The legs from knee down are pretty much exposed to the prevailing winds of the ride.

I feel the mesh pants in this instance, with full fairing bikes, is really the "hot" ticket

Around here in Pittsburgh, and after reading the conversations (arguments?) and the links provided... and knowing that upper 90's is not the normal summer temps, I'm assuming that it can be agreed that based upon my style of machines and geographic location with the associated temperatures that mesh would be highly recomended.

To us, 95-100 degrees is like end of the world, cars breaking down, folks dieing while cutting grass kind of heat.
Its not that bad.. Im used to the rare 90's we get (not too far from you in Finleyville). One downside of mesh... when i was riding along in my Joe rocket Alter Ego2 jacket, mesh panels leeft at home, it got chilly come 4:30. That ride home from Greene county was not as fun as the ride out (soreness aside).

When you pull of the panels from a convertible jacket, you have to figure where to stash them, if you bring them along. I dotn even think I have the rain slip for this thing anymore, which is another factor.
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