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Originally Posted by zenjen View Post
Frame tubes, below the motor.
They didn't seem to make that much difference

This thread should have been titled " When I was young and dumb".........

Classic example.

Great power, so-so brakes and bad handling. I used to hustle it around Willow in the Dinosaur class. GPZ1100 head with Lots of Yosh bits, gun drilled cams out of one of Eddies bikes. Smoothbores from same. Wiesco big bore, Falicon crank, Bassani pipe.

Had lots of frame re-enforcements, GPZ forks, GS1150 swing arm and the widest wire wheels they made at the time

I'm not sure why I'm still alive after racing that beast, Nothing like scattering the pack coming into a corner due to your bike swapping so bad from your over exuberant late breaking attempt............ Nobody could pass it on the strait and nobody wanted to get close to it in a corner.
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