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Well, I didn't take much time to stop for pics... too much riding to do and not enough time

First off, a close up of the @#&^%$ tire: just "cracked" while I tried to put it on... it did hold up

The ride up was great, not quiet the route I planned, but pretty close, 8am till 5 or 6pm with a few breaks, twisties, gravel, a few turn arounds (off course)

The only pic I took at the BYOB - to much "bullshitting" to do

(sorry some pics are duplicates from the BYOB thread)

Great produce at the roadside stand

advtenn and Lobby

Burkes Garden - don't go there, this place sucks

Hwy 133 near Damascus

Hiding from the rain - not a bad place to stop

great viz

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