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Originally Posted by larry0071 View Post
I'm currently torn between the Firstgear HT Air 2011 and the Olympia Airglide 3 2011. Both are $185, they are bringing the Firstgear in for Thursday so I can try it on, i have to commit to the Olympia if they bring it in because they can not send that back. What to do.... What to do!?
They can't send the olympia back? That sounds like BS to me. I've returned tons of olympia stuff that didn't fit the way I wanted from online retailers.

Originally Posted by Renegade_Azzy View Post

When you pull of the panels from a convertible jacket, you have to figure where to stash them, if you bring them along. I dotn even think I have the rain slip for this thing anymore, which is another factor.
Yes, the same goes for when the sun goes down around here, especially on days in the low 90's or mid 80's. It hits the mid-low 60's very fast and if you don't have a liner with you, you'll be much colder than you'd like - particularly on the highway.
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