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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
OK, your turn. Any road rage, folly, humorous stories about your daily commute? Share away.

Here's one... Not on the bike, but funny! My cage is a Mini S -- small, fast, fun... about as much so as you can get on four wheels.

Anyhoo, there's a two-lane service road which merges onto the highway. At one point, the service road merges down to one lane, and then opens back up to two. The classic New Yorker move is to delay merging until the last second, so you can race up the open lane. Naturally, that's what I do.

So, I commute on the bike just about every day. As a result, I have a pretty good sense about how much room I need to fit -- the bike OR the car. So, I see a spot sized just right for the Mini, and I merge in right before the road goes down to one lane. Well, the guy in the Jeep behind me musta not been expecting that, so he suddenly tries to gas it, and lays on the horn.

For the next half mile, he's riding my ass. As soon as the road opens back to two lanes, he pulls out to the right, and races right next to me. Then, he starts weaving into me. This idiot is so angry that I got 10 feet in front of him on the highway, that he's going to try to run me off the road.

He keeps trying to merge between me and the truck in front of me. I decide, I'm just going to drive like he's not even there -- straight and steady. If he hits me, that's what the police and insurance are for.

One problem with HIS plan: Remember when I said the service road merges with the highway? Well, the merge is rapidly coming up, and this idiot is in the WRONG LANE because he's been so intent on trying to merge into me. By the time he realizes that the road is about to split, there's not enough time for him to drop back and get into the left lane.

I was polite, though. I made sure to wave as he veered off to the local roads.
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