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Originally Posted by QUIRKSM View Post
Hey wiseblood that kinda crap pisses ME off to no end also, so in your story I view you as the dick.
Which part? There are at least three parts where I was a dick.

Originally Posted by QUIRKSM View Post
Just this weekend in boston some douch tried that at the toll booths except no one let him in so he just sat there blocking the speedpass lane like the idiot he was. If you know you have to merge why make it dangerous for the drivers that are already in the proper lane so you can save 10 feet.
Well, it was more like, saving 300 feet. There were two lanes. The left one, which was filled with traffic, and the right one which was empty for 300 feet, after which point it merged into the left.

Anyhoo, in just about all these stories (including MINE) there are TWO dicks involved. At any point, either one of us could have backed off. But, then there would be no story.
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