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Yeah it does fit the thread and i had nothing to contribute, sorry.

But it was fresh in my head and it annoys me, hahaha.

So to redeem myself here is my story- I was about 1/2 a mile from my exit after work and traffic was backed way up, i was on my x challenge. The guy ahead of me on a harley has the same idea i have and pulls out into the breakdown lane to pass and get off the exit. Well that pissed off jonny be good in the suv ahead and he pulled out after the harley and blocked me. He thought he was so bad ass blocking my way in his big truck. I just flipped him off and went down the embankment into the woods along the highway. There are trails there that i ride and knew i could connect with. I saw everyone in their cages mouth wide open like WTF is this retard doing. I actually ended up getting a little turned around and probly lost time in the woods but it was way more fun than sitting in the traffic.
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