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"That guy"
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Got a couple similar. Start with me being stupid.
Cruising through town on the DR, guy pulls out RIGHT into me. (completely blind spot, big sign "NO EXIT" "One way entrance" something like that, aka it's an entrance only, he was going the wrong way) Somehow I swerved ACROSS oncoming traffic, (2 lanes each way yellow in middle) shot back across in time to get beside him at the light where he was SUPPOSED to have come from leaving that parking lot. He yells and flicks me off, I smacked his mirror and broke it off. Realized, he was in a car, i'm on a bike, uh oh. I goosed it, made a u turn on red, and got out of dodge.

Now right near my house the road goes through a stop light then the right hand lane ends. So I'm in the left lane on the DR, (not quick, but not car slow either) and a guy races up in the right after the dots have shrunk showing it's ended, and shoots into my lane, I go sailing off into the field to the left, (NO one was coming, figured that was easier and less painful than hitting him)
So a week after that, I'm still pretty testy about that incident, and I'm at the light again, in the left lane, BUT in my lifted Jeep (35" tires, all steel fab'd rock protection on sides/back etc) I'm the third car, and there are multiple cars in the right lane as well.
Light turns green, front left car takes off, front right car tucks in behind, second left goes, second right tucks in behind, I go, the f150 to my right tucks in behind me, and then an ass hat in a Nissan Murano decides he's going to smoke us all. The lane has ENDED by now, he's beside me, I honk, there IS oncoming traffic so I have no where to go. There is a SUV of some sort in front of me, f150 right behind me, and the Murano forces his way into me.
"RUB" well, it shifts me towards oncoming traffic, so I say "HELL NO NOT AGAIN" It's amazing how far to the right off the road he ended up with a set of NICE NASCAR donuts on his side. We pull over, I get out to look at my tire (It sticks out, only thing that contacted him) He comes up yelling and threatening me.
It ends with us going to gas station 100 yards ahead, (I'd left my phone at home) and him finally backing down after threatening me in front of the worker (a buddy of mine) and an off duty cop.
Once he realizes he will get the ticket, and I'm not going to "stop being a bitch and admit I hit him" he says "I guess we don't need to call the police"
Oops, off duty cop called his buddy who was already pulling in.
Several tickets later and a VERY VERY stern written warning (so it will be on court documents etc) for threatening me after the wreck, we went on our way.
I got my alignment checked (It wasn't off by much) so I would have something to submit to his insurance so he couldn't not tell them.

On the CBR I just disappear. Either with brakes, or throttle. Either way, I'm not near idiots if I can help it.
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