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Originally Posted by TheOutsider View Post
Commuting to and from work? Mesh is *great* for me. Distance of any sort? I'm going to try something different next time. I'm told staying constantly hydrated (i.e., Camelbak) will work better than any sort of exterior cooling, but I have yet to test that theory. Comes from an IBR rider or two, so I suppose I should try it...
The nice thing about hydrating so much is your body can keep sweating. The really nice thing about hydrating is you don't get the fatigue, poor reaction time, bad judgement, and headaches from dehydration on top of the heat.

You can still pour a cup of ice water over your head at stops - a liter or so of frigid water on the scalp over a minute and a half will suck more specific heat out of your body than you'd expect, provided you're standing in the shade while you do it. The splash on your shirt and neck help once you get moving.

If you don't mind getting soaked, a few cubes of ice in chest pockets on mesh will give you a bit of cooling and some soaking that will evaporate, just don't use too much or you'll soak your pants - unless you want to soak your pants

Originally Posted by larry0071 View Post
I buy from my local dealer that sales me the bikes as well. They deal with Tucker Rocky or something... and they said that Tucker does not do Olympia so they would have to go to another source that would not allow them to bring the pants in for me to touch and feel and then send back if I were to decide to go for the FirstGear.

They have the Firstgear on the way, so I'll be touching them and trying them on Thursday. I have already seen from another post/thread that there is a large follwing for the Olympia Airglide 3 pants, and because I'm not seeing them side by side I was hoping someone that may have had both could tell me what was the redeeming feature of the Olympia compared to the Firstgear. Price is the same, at about $185 for each pant, so I can't really use my inherant cheapness to make the call!

That price is well below the MSRP of the airglide 3's, and Olympia usually has a pretty tight stranglehold on pricing as they only use "Dealers" rather than regular retailers. That might have something to do with it.
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