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Step by step grip replacement

Originally Posted by TurboCharger View Post
After a bit of searching around and looking for what I wanted, I decided to go with the Beemer shop in the US.

I ordered the following including shipping to Europe:
1 x Grips, Replaces Heated Grip Rubbber Only, Set $19.42

To replace my worn old 1200GS grips. Now I'm just waiting for the order to be delivered as there was a backlog... Will post more when they arrive.

You can see the preview of them here.

I plan to follow the instructions here
Here are the grips that arrived from Beemershop Set (32721458396) quoted above.

So I finally got around to installing the new grips that I bought online from beemershop. I note that the replacement grips are not official BMW parts and so the grips aren't moulded the same as OEM but price, and comfort are why I decided to go for these grips that are based on the R1150GS grips.

The old grips were very worn and were in need of replacement after 65,000kms.

The first task was to unscrew the handlebar bolts and remove the barkbusters.
Unscrew the holding bolt. I used an Allen key 10mm (I think) fits as I didn't have a torx big enough. It works fine without problem using an allen key even if the pattern is a star for torx.

NB I was in the middle of a full service here so that's why the panels were off.

Unscrew the barkbuster holding screw.

With the bark buster off and the handlebar bolts out time to have a go at removing the old rubbers

The old rubber grips were held fast against the end of the instrument side of the grip meaning it was really difficult to get a good hold of the rubber and to pull it off.

Due to the heating element I decided not to use a blade/knife in the removal so not risk damaging the wires and element. This made the job just that much harder but still possible with a good grip and patience.

One down now for the second one...

As you can see there was no glue or fixing adhesive used over the element but only at each end of the grip. This meant that it came off cleanly without the use of a knife.

It's a bit hard to see but the OEM grips have mouldings for the connectors where the heating wires join the heating element. This is not the case for the new grips. It's not a problem for the right (accelerator side) but the left has a more noticeable ankor which proved to be a bit of nuiscance.

The hardest part by far was getting the new grips over the handlebar with the heating elelments. But once on it was just a matter of pealing back the ends to add a dab of adhesive (I didn't have hairspray) to hold them in place. Actually the hairspray may have been good as it probably would have provided a bit of lubrication to help the grip slide over the heating element... but alas.

I had to nip a bit out of the left grip so it would sit flat due to the ankor/wire connector.

Otherwise a pretty straight foward job without too much trouble.

And the final product, just waiting for a test ride.

And the final verdict?

Price US$43 incl. P&H
Approx Time 30 min

'07 R1200GS

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