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Starter will not engage...

So... My 04 KTM 950 Adventure wont start...

Here are the symptoms and what I have done so far...

Try to go for a ride Friday, bike won't start. When i hit the start button you can hear the starter spin, but not engage the engine as to start it. I figure maybe the battery is flat, so I try jumping it with my pickup (engine off), no luck. Then I pull it out and see its three years old, I figure its almost time anyway so I get a new one in the morning. Saturday I install the new battery and same thing stater spinning and not turning over. Damn it... Tip the bike on its side pull the tank and the take off the ignition rotor cover. Then I hit the starter button and can see the starter gear spin so I figure the freewheel clutch is shot, call the dealer and order parts. They got here today and I installed them... (by the way don't waste your cash with the 40$ KTM tools just get the 14$ gear puller from NAPA) get her all back together and guess what same f*%king thing... stater is spinning but not engaging.

Anybody have any ideas where to go next???
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