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Well I wasnt over 30 when I started riding but I was about 26 and I think the story applies here well. I was in my 2nd year of college....went back to school after getting an associates degree and being out of school for 4 years. I hadnt met a lot of people and hadnt been living in the best of houses. My classes werent going very well and I was feeling rather depressed. One day a friend revived an old honda express (50cc moped sans pedals). It had no breaks and needed work but when I rode it around the campus for a few minutes it put a smile on my face like no other. It was like discovering a new found freedom and openned up so many doors in my heart I Knew I needed one. I went on ebay looking for a moped. I planned trips around the world on mopeds (still find the idea oddly romantic) articles about people who had ridden mopeds around the this guy:

In my searching I came across the Honda CT90's and decided that this seemed like a better option. 90cc 4 stroke 4 speed hi/lo transmission....basicaly a mechanical goat that goes wherever you want and could be aquired for not a lot of money. I found one in CT for $500 and spent a spring restoring it. I took my written test that summer and got my riders permit....bought a helmet and started riding. Old roads I had driven thousands of times in a car were an entirely different experience. The 90 would do about 45 mph with me on it and it was a great way to slow down and enjoy the trip. In July I took the riders test, got my license, and 2 days later I rode the 90 from Central Vermont to North Western Maine. 550 miles round trip averaging 30 mph.....was usualy doing 40, but the average worked out to be 30.

Since then I have progressed, but still own the 90...which has been joined by another ct90 and a C70 passport, to a DRZ400E trail bike and more recently a KTM 950. The 950 and I will be departing near the end of July for 6 of traveling around North America.

I am hooked.
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