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Originally Posted by Shoganai
This is for anyone who started riding after age 30.

I'll phrase the first question in my Mom's exact words, "WTF were you thinking?" (5 years later her opinion hasn't changed)

2. What was your first bike?

3. How do you feel about starting so late?

4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?
1. I started at 31. Mom? She hates motorcycles, so I told her I had one several years after I bought it.
WTF was I thinking? Simple. I broke an engagement with a psycho, so I decided I was never going to date again. So I was going to buy a motorcycle, spend lots of money, and race it. And I didn't care what anyone else thought, if they didn't like it, too bad for them.

2. 1984 Kawasaki GPz550. Bright red, of course.

3. I hate my parents because they did not give me a bike when I was young, and made me start late. My daughter is on her second dirt bike, I think it will teach her that riding/driving is a full-time activity that requires concentration and care. I hope it will help her on the street when she gets her license.

4. Progressed?? I'll admit I never rode that 65 hp GPz at its limits. I rode fast on the street, but I could never I ride it as hard as others do on a track. I'm still learning. I sold the GPz and now have a used, large, slow, heavy Honda XR650L. I have fun with it.
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