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I spent the nite along the coast, in a tourist town that wasnít in season yet, so rooms were cheap. The next day I skirted Izmir, & made it to Kusadasi for the bike party. It was small, but lots of nice people there. There was a nice old hotel right down the road for 15 a nite, which beats the hell out of camping.

I think the whole bike party thing is pretty new here, or maybe it was just this one, but it was boring. I did enjoy meeting the people tho, and always like making new friends.

Saturday nite, at 10pm, there was a stage, but still no band. They were playing a CD of 80ís pop music. It was sort of funny. They did do some bike games during the day tho, and a bike parade thru the town. Iíll just have to go to another Turkish bike party, & see if they all are the same.

The place enroute, right on the beach

This stray was on the beach, he had a tag in his ear, which is what they do with the strays here, from what I have found out. Anyhow, we were playing on the beach, tossin a stick around. I went to my room, & when I came out an hour later, he was laying in front of the door waiting for me. I went for dinner, & made sure I got him a bag of extras : )
Cool puppy, Iída taken him along if I had a sidecar.

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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