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Hey Diablo,

That sounds like one of those personal preference based on your physiology, it does have a fully encompassing chin curtain which could connect with a pronounced adam's apple.

I don't know what you could do about it other than perform surgery on the helmet yourself, but at that point...

I have a longer narrower head and I had to get used to the decrease in clearance... and I did.. if it doesn't work for you it sounds like back on the block it could go.



Originally Posted by DiabloADV View Post
Cross-posting this question from Equipment forum...

I got a virtually-new C3 from an inmate here. I really want to like it. I like everything about it except....

The chin strap bites into my neck! It seems positioned in the helmet closer to my adam's apple than other helmets. It's like I need it to be more forward.

Is there any fix for this that you folks are aware of, or do I need to put this back on the flea market and move on?
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