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Carbs & Stuff

Have been making good progress on the SL, carbs worked great, pulled apart to check and found that one bowl had pinholes but otherwise all in great shape. I also found out that CV carbs donít exactly fit the SL frame, had to dimple the frame for the choke shafts and also some creative engineering on the intake tubes. The rubber intake boots (LH especially) was starting to tear under the strain of havng been mounted in a bind. I dimpled the frame on each side and then before installing sealed the intake boots with black silicone. Then when I started to tighten the clamps, they were deformed from before and started to collapse. So after thinking about it all day yesterday, when I got home I cut and rolled some little exterior tin sleeves for each boot, so that when the clamp is tightened it spreads the load and tightens evenly, carbs are now secured and even look to be pretty close in synch. Tomorrow I will finish up the front wheel bearings and mount new tire, then move to the actual tune up and get it running, after that I will attack the rear wheel & tire, swing arm and shocks. Whew!!
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