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I was using the Kriega US-10 with tank bag mount for a while but although it isn't a very expensive set-up it was just way too fiddly to use. As the bag has no stiffness of its own its tricky to get items into and out of it. Also if you don't pass the connecting straps through all the loops on the bag it sags down and slides around when holding any heavy items. This means you can't easily unclip it when you leave the bike some where.

In addition the top mesh pocket or top zip pocket are useless if you strap a map case to the top which also tends to flap around. Having said all of that though it is very waterproof, reliable and can be easily used on other areas of the bike.

So with a big trip coming up I decided to try out the Giant Loop Fandango tank bag as I needed something that would easily hold a DLSR and not cause allot of hassle when trying to take photos.

I have yet to ride with it properly but my initial impressions are:

  • Great shape. Not too big and not too small. Fits the f800gs perfectly.
  • Mounts easily with the straps fitting the bike nicely and cut out matching the key placement.
  • Sturdy and great zip attachment to the mount.
  • Looks quite cool for those who like that kind of thing.
  • Very sturdy construction

  • Massively overpriced for the quality of finish and construction. $164 !!!
  • The website does its best to paint a picture of water tightness but it is obvious due to the huge amount of stitching that it isn't going to hold out any heavy weather. So much so that they provide a tube of sealant for all the sewn seams which they recommend you paint over all the seams. Takes a good hour of your time to do properly and the neat look of the bag evaporates when its been 'painted'.
  • The internal divider of the bag only allows for a tiny section to be divided and is rather flimsy.
  • It includes attachment points for a neck strap to carry the bag when off the bike but does not include the strap.

So I can't really claim a final opinion until I have used the bag more but at the moment if it was $80 it would have been good value. At double that I am feeling some what ripped off. Looking at the welded seams and quality of construction of my Ortlieb gear makes me wonder why other manufactures make kit in any other way.

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