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Rainy day, I'm going out to the garage for some play time. Need to install these & also paint the Gilera forks, & change the fork seals & oils.

I got caught out with the spoke & nipple purchase. Some shops include the grub screw. Boxer Supplies didn't. I bought new nipple heads in anticipation of issues removing the old ones.

First up the gearbox oil sight glass. Really just a bit of bling, but lets me keep an eye on the level & color of the g/box oil.

Replaced the stock paper air filter with a foam Uni Filter. I was a bit surprised when I took off the paper filter to find water in the filter housing. I assume this is from a poor seal on the paper filter, maybe from when I took the tank off to wash the bike.

The Uni Filter allows me to clean it more regularly, and also offers some mitigant in case I drown the bike. A soggy paper filter would be the pits. Hopefully this won't require a rejet, as I've just got the carbs sorted.

I also replaced the bent spoke. This was fairly easy. Soaked the nipple ends in WD40 for a while, to allow them to break any hold corrosion had on them, and to allow them to move more freely. Went to remove the grub screw (2mm allen key req'd) in the hub nipple (which uses a 5mm), and it actually moved the whole nipple. With that out, cut the spoke to make it easier to remove. Deflated the tyre to give me room to remove it. Put a tyre iron between the tyre & rim to push the tyre wall back, to allow the spoke to come out cleanly, then drifted it out.

Cleaned out the spoke head seating area on the rim, and also the nipple area on the hub. Used a bit of moly grease to ease the seating & stop corrosion.

Tightened the spoke from the hub end. Used a punch to ensure the spoke head end in the rim was seated well. When I was satisfied the 'pitch' of the tensioned spoke was the same as others running the same way, I put in grub screw back in & tightened this up. All done.

I re-used the spoke nipple & grub screw. The stainless ones I bought would have stood out. Also they use Torx fittings, which I have, but I didn't want just one on the wheel.

I note that the spoke tensions on the wheel are all over the place. Sometime soon I need to go back & retension the lot to similar pitches.

Mark_S, just so that I'm not mucking you around, definitely cannot make the MMMM ride this year. Had to make some rash promises to placate Mandy when the above arrived from the Netherlands..... Apart from that work & finances just don't really allow.
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