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my day started out nicely with a quick grab of the NC Tag

figured, best thing to finish it off the workweek is a nice ride, and maybe a new tag location. My "eastern commuter" route should have given me plenty off, locations - till I realized I passed at least 4 previous tags . Either way, good day to ride:

Elk Mountain Road - past the twisties around the mil dollar homes:

this old farm just does not budge to all the development - gorgeous location

signs you are still close to Asheville: graffity rocks (tagged before)

past the BRP, down Ox Creek, right on Reems Creek, and some birthplace of a guy named "Vance" (tagged before)

corner to Maney Branch (don't ask me what this is )

down to Barnardsville, right on Highway 197

the "Highway" on the Buncombe County side:

my kind of hiking trail (you gotta pass little butt, before you get to big butt) - the trail goes past the butts to the BRP

Yancey County side (I put a tag up there in the snow once )

Pensacola (tagged before)

these guys tried to take me out

I skipped Burnsville pics- it's ugly, and the construction on Hwy 19 is even uglier

Windy Gap to Laurel Valley (close to home) - don't ask me how many times I blew the last turn already

since I still had no tag I carried on... more later once the tag is grabbed
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