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A small update, part ride report,
Tank has been repaired and faired and primed.
Smooth as silk now with not a sign of dents or damage. Final priming and then painting is going to wait until I figure out what I am doing with other things to paint.

I've started collecting bits for my WP 5060 extreme front end.
A couple of adv'ers replied to my wanted post and I have pieced back together most of the front end of a 1999 KTM 400SX that they parted out between them.
Last week I went for a drive to pick up the front wheel and axle, with decent knobby tyre and a rimlock. The corrosion on the spokes cleaned up pretty well with some rustconverter stuff and a bit of scrubbing- the wheel is nice and straight and very usable.

Then a few days ago I left on the R90/6 for a two day one night ride covering about 850km's to pick up the forks and stay over at a friends place and then ride home the next day.

loaded up bright and early

pretty soon I was riding through temperatures just above 0 deg C.

later in the day, there's snow on those mountains in the distance but it can't really be seen

finally met up with the adv'er and loaded up the front end (thanks Terry!)

next it was time to ride to a friends place where I made it just before dark. We polished off some of his homebrew beer and an excellent steak and 3 veg meal he prepared, and a full bottle of Mount Gay Rum. Outside the two 1974 R90/6's caught up. Here they are the next morning.

I was feeling a little chilled and bruised from the previous days ride, but off I went again.
After a bit of rain and very chilled hands again, finally I started to make it close to home and some of my favourite local country and roads.
Here's a couple of shots in that perfect horizontal winter light, just before riding into another patch of rain,

and, after a nice sleep in I re-united the forks and the front wheel.
Man these things are FAT. Having never consciously noticed them in the flesh before, I was surprised at the sheer size of the things.

Next up I need the wheel spacer to replace the speedo drive thing (which I also didn't get)- I have bought one on ebay and will be getting it posted soon,
Then a rotor and caliper and caliper holder. Still figuring out which way to go with that. This front end came stock with a 300mm rotor but it was not available to me to purchase.
And hopefully soon a set of R-Dubbs and HPMguys triple clamps which are getting re-made.
available here.

Re-springing if required (likely) and re-valving and probably lowering to stock beemer fork height will follow at some point,

1974 R90/6
1981 R80G/S
1994 XLR250R
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