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In short, I think the phone needs to be plugged in order to work for any period of time. I can get 3 hours of battery use which is plenty for a bicycle ride, but that is not nearly enough for a dual sport ride. I'm working on a remote control that will control the software AND charge the phone. It will be mounted to the bars. This also allows you to weatherproof the phone since you no longer need to touch it.

Joystick, PCB, and buttons for the remote. I'm waiting for the USB host controller that will be the charger. It's in the mail...

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Very impressive work. I guess I should go look at, but what do the different colors on the tracks indicate? Trail difficulty? I think my little Eris might have a hard time running all that, but if you need a low power tester, I'd be willing to let you know how it runs.

I have to admit I haven't read every single post in the thread, so this might be a repeat question. Is there a way to turn off the screen and just check on it occasionally? Eris battery life is renowned for it's mediocrity, and my understanding from running the Google Nav app in my car is that the screen seems to draw a ton of power.

Thanks, and once again, really cool looking app.
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