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Cheers Stagehand,
it is a great drop indeed. I've got a weakness for good brown spirits of many types, and for a while was quite settled on whiskey, however Mount Gay Rum has become a bit of staple nowadays for my bike rides.
Only thing is it can be a bit hard to find in some of the backwoods country towns here. And there is not much good to be said about Australian rum IMO. I think I have discovered the pattern- we have a bit of a redneck association with rum here. However, in a lot of country towns, especially redneck ones, not many 'blokes' would be naturally inclined to buy a bottle of booze labled 'Gay'
So there's the dilema. In my efforts to buy this spirit in quite a few places it seems to be a case of- a little bit redneck- not so good- they probably like a bit of rum, but not enough to really appreciate it, and thus I can't find Mount Gay anywhere. In a real good sorta-spooky redneck place- counter-intuitively- much better prospects- maybe they like their rum enough to appreciate a good one over a shit one and not care about the lable?
I dunno, it is just a theory that seems to play out.

Thats a very nice, finely looked after and maintained lump of metal and timber! I'm not much into guns or weapons myself. I have no objection to the them for hunting, for food or necessary pest control, but in my country at least I see little reason for handguns. I do know better than to try to argue this point with someone from North America
As far as weapons go, in my thread one will have to be happy with badly wielded tools doing damage to undeserving bike parts, and collapsable fishing rods damaging fish.

Heres a bit from my 6 week ride over christmas/new year to keep both you and Stagehand happy

Fishing for trout on the Thredbo River,
I get lucky,

weapons and ammunition used

Venhill featherlite clutch cables are excellent- especially when they break after a few thousand Km's in the middle of nowhere and you thank your lucky stars that you brought your old one. What they are excellent for is stashing in your pack for later unthreading and using the stainless steel wire to stitch a freshly caught and cured trout to a stick

Of course, for a slow smoke it is nice to have something else to cook up.

Of course, by the time it was smoke up, some bastard had finished the rum.

So, I had to pack up camp, take my trout and find another bottle of brown spirits for my next camp (had to settle for Jamesons in that particular town).

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