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Bob's BMW Dirty Dozen Ride #1 (Western Charles County AKA SMIBland)

So it all started about a month ago, and Bob's BMW hosted a evening of fine pizza and a seminar on Adventure Riding from Rawhyde Adventure. After the seminar, they asked for 12 people willing to lead rides. Blaster, decided he had found his calling.

So in the next few weeks, after a few tweaks of the .GPX file, this is the route he envisioned:

Download GPX file here

It would encompass some of the finest roads and sites in southern Maryland.

• Thomas Stone (National historic site)(Gravel parking lot)
• Mallows bay (Sunken ghost fleet)(1/4 mile long gravel road to site)
• Durham Church (The oldest surviving Episcopal church building in the U.S. state of Maryland.) (gravel parking lot)
• One room schoolhouse
• Old Charles county Courthouse in Port Tobacco
• St. Ignatius church (Founded in 1641, St. Ignatius is one of the oldest Catholic Parishes in continuous service in the United States.)
• Lunch break: Captain Billy’s crab house

Part #2
• Confederate memorial
• Confederate POW camp memorial
• Point lookout lighthouse
• Drum Point lighthouse

So on a cool summer morning, after a nice donut and briefing
we were off. The team comprised of 7 riders (Alan, Bruce, Courtney, Dana, Dave, Kim, and Marty)

We decided to take I-95, to SMIBville as Wash/Balt parkway was a crawling. However, the decision to take I-295 through DC was perhaps illfated. As many locals may know, I-295 failed to be upgraded to current highway standards and thus was never incorporated into the interstate highway system.

After a minor mechanical blurp left two riders stranded on the highway, Washingtonians showed us little remorse as they cursed, honked and then maneuvered around us. Thankfully, traffic was easily snarled and the risk being rear-ended (as we were now stopped in the fast lane) subsided. Oh how I longed for a patch of land for a safe haven for us, but nothing but gaurdrails. Luckily, after pushing the bike for 100 yards, it decided to start and had no more mechanical issues for the rest of the ride.

Our first stop was Thomas Stone home:

Mallows Bay:
Seeped in military history, this location has served in at least two wars. The most notable of all the uses, it currently holds the title as the largest North American (possibly world) ship graveyard.

Aerial Photo:
At first glance – and with no sense of scale – this may appear to be a shoal of fish or a group of large aquatic animals. The reality is, however, you’re seeing the remains of between 100 and 200 ships, each the size of a football field, rotting slowly into the mud or being overgrown by vegetation.

Getting a feel for the country roads turns:

Durham Church:
Old Durham Church was one of the original 30 churches chartered in the Province of Maryland by the Colonial Assembly in 1692. The Church building dates back to 1732, and its history is tied to the establishment of the Episcopal Church, the state sponsored church of the colony following the Revolution of 1689 and the overthrow of Lord Baltimore’s proprietorship.

One Room School House (It's only open 12-1600 on Saturdays):
Used from 1878-1953

Whoops, forgot to mention it rained down here really hard last the kickstand sank into the earth..

The phrase that uses all the letters in the alphabet:

Remedial schooling for some..

One bigas* tree:

Courthouse (It's only open 12-1600 on Saturdays)

George Azterdot lived and worked in Port Tobacco and although he failed to murder Vice President Johnson, he was executed for his role in the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln

SMIBs do rule!

The weather was a bit hot, and all the excitement was beginning to show:

St. Ignatius Church

No idea what this says, but looks pretty enough..

And finally some chow! How to catch a SMIB-->FOOD. And now there were 9 with the addition of Wayne and Erik!

How about some food porn:

Who gets a burger at a seafood house...oh, sorry Dave, those that get Gout!

And everyone had a great time and great smile!

Anyhow, the day ran a bit long so the remainder of the sites will be ride #2. Stay tuned for scheduling!

PS No riders were mortally harmed in the making of this ride. However, this rider gets the best sport award, and hope to ride again with you soon!

BlastOff Adventures

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