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A Bit More Fish’n

After the halibut charter we headed back, packed up, stopped by the local fishing store, bought some fishing poles, bate, and lures then headed to Seward. After cursing through town we headed towards Exit Glacier and found a number of nice pull-offs for camping inconspicuously cut out from the side of the road. They we plenty long and flat and made a perfect place to call it a night. The next morning I walked around a bit and found some cool mushrooms.

Then we headed into Seward to eat breakfast. Sorry, you’re not going to find any food pictures here, but we went to the Train Wreck and had a good meal. It was rainy and they were full, but eventually we got a seat and invited the Fish and Game Officer who was also sitting outside under the awning to come join us.

He just so happened to ride and so we started talking about places to go. His main suggestion was just the Haul Road. He had a 650 Dakar and told his story about the bugs and how long and not incredibly exciting it was. We also asked him about fishing. He told us he liked Carter Lake, apparently Pres. Jimmy came and they wanted to give him a sure-fire way to catch a fish when they flew him in on the chopper so they stocked this unnamed lake and named it after him.

The Officer told us he likes to use regular shrimp cocktail on a hook and it works like a charm so we headed to the supermarket in town to get some. We looked and we looked and we looked. Finally we asked the guy working at the store where they kept the shrimp cocktail. He looked at us like we were dumb, and we probably were I’m not going to lie. He said, trying to be polite, “we usually catch most all of our fish around here, people don’t really buy that stuff” knowing were obviously dumb tourists and not from around these parts. So we decided to settle for canned shrimp cocktail and give her a shot. We had to use the second day up on our fishing licenses right?

So off we headed, for Carter Lake. It was quite a hike up with our new fishing poles, lures, bate, and shrimp cocktail. Finally we got there and started fishing. We never found the hole he described so we settled down and started casting and casting and casting. Tina ended up catching a reed and losing the new lure, this didn’t make her happy. What made her the maddest was that it was right there just smiling at her, glistening in the sun less than 10 yards out. So, she stripped down, waded in and got that sucker back.

After that she was done and over it. But I was still determined to catch one. The problem was the shrimp were too small and the fell apart when I tried to cast them out. My bate and lures weren’t working either. I just kept thinking to myself about the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. But I was determined, it was almost like my grandpa was there too. By this time Tina had been back at the truck for a while, but I kept casting and casting. But I have to say, it was beautiful out there.

Finally, I caught one. A nice Rainbow, the only problem was I had maybe gutted one once and it was a looooong time ago. I knew the basic idea and decided to try to fillet it off the skeleton too. That was probably not a good idea. By the time I was done, it was dark so I headed back happy I wasn’t defeated. I also remembered why I don’t like fishing that much, I’m not the most patient person but when I decide to do something I don’t stop until it has been done. The thing is though, I love eating them and I am always up for a free meal and a bit of living off the land.
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